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Drupal 8: Creating custom forms

There will be many occasions where you will have to create custom forms in Drupal 8. Drupal Console can be used again to create the boilerplate code, which we can...

Drupal 8: Creating custom content entities

As you start to work on more complex applications, you will find the need to create custom entities rather than using content types.

Drupal 8: Using Drupal Console to create a custom Views field plugin.

Drupal Console is a new tool for Drupal 8 which will generate boilerplate code when creating modules, custom entities and much more. It also behaves a little like Drush.

Drupal 8: Dependency Injection, what's that all about?

A big part of learning Drupal 8 and for some reason the one that took the longest for me to get my stoneage brain around is Dependency Injection. The title...

Drupal 8: Goodbye hook_menu!

So, as you may be aware, hook_menu no longer exists in Drupal 8, replaced by a much better routing system. This new system consists of various different YAML files, to...